Saturday, November 17, 2012

On Being Sick

I have been sick this weekend.

I remember when I was in elementary school, I was feeling sick one day and my mom had to come get me. My dad was going to the airport for his work, so she took me to my grandma’s house. I remember having me grandma attended to every one of my needs as I lay on her couch watching TV with a nice blanket.

I remember all those times when I was young and my mom would make me soup or grilled cheese, give me my medications, and sometimes try to mix in my nasty medicine into a green-colored glass filled with a nice cold Sprite (this worked until I was old enough to figure out her trickery, ha).

The longer I live by myself, the more I feel like I appreciate and miss those times. My throat was feeling horrible yesterday, I didn’t want to leave my apartment, but I had to... I had to leave and go get some soup and ice cream (which have, in fact, helped).

I guess being sick, just reminds you that sometimes being single and living alone, it is the little things that bother me. I mean, I notice every time I get sick, my apartment just gets dirty, I just don’t have the energy to clean up after myself. I can usually tell when I am feeling better because I start cleaning my apartment from when I was sick.

Even as a guy, it would be nice to have someone who would hold and take care of me in such times... and to have someone to hold and take care of when she was feeling sick as well. It is just something else you have to learn to deal with when living by yourself.

If you are ever looking for a way as a married person to minister or show care to someone who is single, try something as simple as getting them medications or some soup (or ice cream!) when they are sick. If someone showed up at my door with some soup, even if it was the most horrible tasting soup, that show of love and care would really (1) Surprise me and (2) Might bring me to tears.

Just some thoughts...

How do you feel being sick and single?
Not Single? What do you like that your significant other does for you?

~ Daniel

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Why I Write This Blog

This weekend I have been making Facebook Pages for all of my blogs, but especially sharing this one with more than my friends on Facebook worries me. I started writing about my life as a single person back in 2007 (first post found here). Before that I wrote a lot about my faith and life but hid that part of myself. I did not like being that vulnerable to anyone, whether it was in person or online.

However, once I got the feeling that I could be single for a while, I began to reconsider keeping it all to myself. I knew there would be other people like me out there, singles who feel they have to keep up a front and an image, to maintain that confidence. But honestly, sometimes keeping up that image is extremely tiring and exhausting to me, I just want to be myself... and I want people to like me for who I am; all the wonderful and not-so wonderful parts of myself.

So I started writing about myself. I kept all my writings mostly on Facebook, what they call "Notes". Then, a year ago they changed their privacy settings and many questions were brought up about who owns my writing on their site. Additionally, I didn’t really feel I was expressing myself all that well on Facebook as I could do on my own blog, which would include my own style and design, as well as my words.

This blog I called "Single Me" based on a blog (found here) I wrote about a year ago by the same name. Since then I have only shared this blog with my own friends on Facebook (and only sometimes with Family). A lot of the reason I haven’t made it public is anonymity, I really don’t think everyone in my life needs to know all my business; my feelings about singleness are personal. Still, I know there are those like me out there who long to connect with someone else, to share life with another person, and who feel that many times expressing those desires makes them seem insecure, whiny, and desperate.

So, with my making of my Single Me Facebook Page and an upgrade on this Single Me blog, I am now making this public. I would still like to be anonymous if I can, mostly because I see no need for employers, ministry or otherwise, to know all the details about my singleness or dating life, or lack there of.

Please have a look around, leave some comments on my Single Me Facebook Page - Like Share, and Invite others who might be interested. Feel free to comment on & Subscribe to my Blog. I certainly appreciate your thoughts, questions, and interest.

I know this is about me being single, but I also think those who are married might find it interesting to get a glimpse of a male who is single, who is also not a person who parties or someone trying to sow is royal oats, but who loves Christ and seeks to serve Him foremost, but also wants to be honest about his desires and feelings of being single in our culture (that includes American and Christian/Church culture). I hope you will join me in this journey…or continue if you have been with me so far…for however long or short it may be.

~ Daniel

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