Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Inviting Singles into the Church’s “Married Community”(3/3)

What does this mean for those who are Married:
(1) Singles Want to be Your Friend
You have no idea how frustrating it is to become friends with married people. Singles want to be your friends, to become friends or to maintain friendships with you. Often we are relegated to a lower social status or circle when being single. This means friends get married and suddenly tend to spend all their time with other couples, new people they have met. Sometimes a single meets a couple, tries to initiate a friendship and is shut down. We don’t care if your house is dirty or if your kids will be hanging around. We want to share life with you. And sometimes single friends make great free babysitters (just sayin)... but we aren’t doing that unless you are a true friend.

(2) Invite us to do Something
I find with a lot of my married friends that I have to be the one to invite them to do something. Just do not invite, hang, and befriend us out of pity. I do not pity you for being married or having children, so don't pity me for being single.

(3) Give us suggestions for Friendships and Dating
Most single are looking for someone. We do not want to be alone but it is difficult to ask others for help in a world that assures us in our Independence and self-sufficiency we can find someone by ourselves. Stats state; however, that most married people are introduced through family and friends. Why not have an open ear and heart regarding this towards your single friends. Don't feel we have to like them or things have to work out, but we will appreciate the thoughts and effort. Of course to do this, you have to actually have friends who are single.

(4) Hear us (and Reciprocate)
We long to be heard, truly heard and not pitied; however, friendships go both ways and sometimes friendships with those who are married are very one-way. The single expresses themselves and the married person listens, gives advice, and says have a nice day. Where is the reciprocity? Any true friendship has reciprocity. Let us know how things are going for you. You don't have to talk bad about your spouse. You have other things likely going on. Asking for our advice lets us know you respect and care for us as a person and friend, that you value our opinion.

~Single Me

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